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       The Service: Microtrolysis

A favourite technique
of many local electrologists, electrolysis
is the only proven permanent method of hair removal.

Lucie uses three methods of electrolysis: blend,
galvanic and thermolysis with the Apilus
"Platinum Pure".

Clearing is quicker and more precise as Lucie
employs a microscope. Lucie has been using
microtrolysis for a number of years. The small
sister of electrolysis, microtrolysis resorts to the
same technology as electrolysis, except that it uses
a medical microscope instead of a magnifying glass
to examine the pilosity, what allows Lucie to enlarge
the hair 40 times its size.

The result is that treatments are much more
effective and more in-depth, because the
microscope allows her to see all the hairs.
Treatments are also less expensive, because
they require fewer sessions than electrolysis.
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OPMI Pico microscope images courtesy of Carl Zeiss.
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